New year lunch

Life at lasa

Thanks to Aude and Suzanne for this new year lunch at Montreux Jazz Café!

A new Ph.D!


Congrats to Michael Koptev who’s public defense took place on the 21.09.2023. He successfully graduated presenting his thesis titled: “Implicit Distance Functions: Learning and Applications in Robotics” Congratulation to him for this amazing achievement!

LASA bowling evening

Life at lasa

Fun night with the LASA team! Bowling, good food and good people always make for a great combinations. However we won’t lie, getting to work the next morning was tough for some of us.Huge thanks to the lab for creating such a nice event.


Life outside lasa

LASA has the great advantage of being not far from the swiss Alps. Which means that on their free time some of the LASA people sometime go exploring together. This was a nice week-end where some of us went to discover the nice scenery not so far form the EPFL campus!

Snowy day at the LASA

Life at lasa

Winter has been pretty dry and warm in Switzerland until last week. The first heavy snow fall of the winter in Lausanne was a welcome sight and the occasion for some to exercise their artistic talent as snow sculpting.

Galette des Rois

Life at lasa

At LASA we never pass on an occasion to eat good food! Most of us were back at the lab today, it was a great occasion to share a late “Galette des Rois“. Congrats to Michael K. and Lukas, our Kings for the day and many thanks to Aude for the treat!

Aude Billard is IEEE-RAS president-elect

Academical Archivements

Congratulations to Aude Billard who will serve as IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) president elect for 2022-2023 and is to assume precidency in January 2023. The lab wishes her good luck and is looking forward to see her work in this position.

LASA has a new blog

Life at lasa

The blog is dead, long live the blog! The venerable old LASA blog has served his purpose and those who want to entertain the nostalgia of the LASA days of old can still consult it here. But from now on you can follow the brand new adventures of the LASA people right here!