We are currently looking to complete our team with motivated members with interest in the robotics field and fill in the following position(s):

The Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA) is looking for an administrative assistant to support Prof. Aude Billard in the administrative and financial management of her research lab.

Your work consists of supporting the development of EPFL’s robotics community and the Swiss robotics ecosystem in general. This includes working closely with all robotics laboratories and championing their development and promotion, supporting the robotics educational and equal opportunities programs and activities and driving the growth of the Swiss Robotics Community through the implementation of the Innovation Booster in robotics and the Swiss robotics days.

The research engineer will be working with multiple teams at a technical level, predominantly developing and maintaining software frameworks for the control of robotic manipulators and machine learning applications. The candidate will have the opportunity to design and implement solutions to the challenges posed by various students and research collaborators in the lab and actively participate in robotic experiments. The role includes some opportunities for hardware work related to sensor interfacing and experimental design, based on the needs of the researchers. Finally, the candidate will help champion and promote excellent software practices including code reviews and active use of version control across the lab.