Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė: Synthetic Landscapes

The project Synthetic Landscapes aims to look into the history of the Western landscape painting tradition. Through this research Gawęda and Kulbokaitė will explore the formation of the concept of Nature as that, which has traditionally been defined as alien, outside of the subject in an effort to better understand the current ecological crisis. The project will seek to challenge the illusory promise of subjectivity as a whole and separate from the environment in order to break normative patterns of behaviour and negotiate new ways of relating to the world.

Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė Mouthless Part I, 2020. Courtesy of the artists.

Mouthless Part III (Panorama), a two-channel video installation

About the exhibition

From February 3 to 26, 2023, Mouthless Part III (Panorama) brings the spell of Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė’s visual universe into the space of EPFL Pavilions.

Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė

Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė

Dorota Gawęda (PL) and Eglė Kulbokaitė (LT) are an artist duo living and working in Basel. Both graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2012. Their multimedia practice – which includes performances, videos, sculptural and installation works, as well as perfumes – draws from extensive historical and theoretical research processes, a high sensitivity to materials, and intellectual openness.