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7 October 2021

If the human being goes digital, ethics goes digital: Ethics at the human-machine interface

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Johan Rochel

12 May 2021

A computational-philosophical approach to the international law on AI

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Nora Al Badri, artiste en résidence CDH 2019. Photo Karim Ben Khalifa

19 May 2021

Babylonian Vision – decolonising collections

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Prof. Jeffrey Shaw portrait
DH Research Seminar by Prof. Jeffrey Shaw

14 April 2021

Trajectories of New Media Art

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Nicolas Henchoz

17 March 2021

And what about the humans in Digital Humanities? An approach of design research to transform technologies and data into daily life impact.

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(only available to EPFL students and staff)

Portrait Marie Bergstroem

24 February 2021

Dating sites as observations sites. What we can learn from online dating data.

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(only available to EPFL students and staff until June 30, 2021)

Patrick Savage

10 March 2021

Comparative musicology: The science of the world’s music.

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7 October 2020

Reading with machines. Reading and writing in the digital age.

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Close up of a mother board

04 November 2020

From Digital Humanities to Game Studies

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Three images of written text

18 November 2020

Quantitative approaches to historical texts: should you care about OCR?

Link to slides and relevant papers

13 January 2020

Looking beyond the staff lines and listening behind the sound: Novel applications of two old-fashioned paradigms to the analysis of musical harmony

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Portrait of Prof. Pascale Kunz

14 December 2019

AI for Human: a personal agenda

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Prof. Ulrik Brandes, ETHZ

19 November 2019

Networks, the Digital Humanities, and Everything

Session not recorded

Prof Anita Auer, UNIL

13 November 2019

The Digital Turn in Historical Sociolinguistics

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Prof. Daniel Shanahan portrait

29 October 2019

The Corpus as an Artifact of Musical Change: Studies in Style, Transmission, and Diffusion

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Dr. Kelly Snook with headphones on

20 September 2019

Kepler Concordia: Playing solar systems as musical instruments

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18 September 2019

What can a historian expect of Digital Humanities?

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