The EPFL Center for Imaging

The EPFL Center for Imaging aims at strengthening EPFL’s position as a world-leading institution in imaging science.

Imaging plays a central and ever-increasing role in science and engineering. An interdisciplinary discipline at its core, imaging requires the convergence of numerous skills and expertise, and there is a huge potential for new developments in the field that draw on all aspects of science and engineering. At EPFL, over ninety groups perform world-class research in imaging, covering all scales from the atomic to the cosmological one, and spanning a broad range of applications. 

The core mission of the EPFL Center for Imaging is to capitalise on this exceptional concentration of academic strengths and promote interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-fertilization in imaging at EPFL. By serving as an incubator for new research ideas and favoring the reliance on shared expertise, tools, and resources, the center strives to accelerate new discoveries in imaging and their translation to applications.

More generally, this center is responsible for coordinating EPFL’s imaging strategy, serving as a common entry point for all researchers active in imaging, and addressing the needs in image handling and analysis of EPFL’s imaging community. The EPFL Center for Imaging also aims to promote open science practice in the field and to attract and train students to acquire world-class expertise in imaging.

EPFL Imaging Labs

The list of labs working on imaging at EPFL.

EPFL Imaging Facilities

Imaging facilities and platforms at EPFL


Our imaging-related events to promote cross-fertilization.

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Interdisciplinary Projects in Imaging

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To encourage cross-fertilization between various disciplines and closer interactions between EPFL actors in imaging, the EPFL Center for Imaging is launching its “Calls for Interdisciplinary Projects in Imaging”, a series of grants to support collaborative projects aimed at advancing imaging technology at EPFL.

EPFL Seminar Series in Imaging

Listen to world-leading experts in imaging presenting the key trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field.

Support in Image Handling and Analysis

To assist EPFL’s imaging community, the EPFL Center for Imaging is setting up various resources to provide increased support in image analysis.

Education and Training


The list of imaging-related courses at EPFL (in construction).

Student Projects

Interdisciplinary Master projects in imaging.


Continuous training with imaging-related digital skills.


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