TP on Application Programming for Mobile Platforms and Smartphones

Electrical engineers 1st semester Master

The objective of this course is to improve the knowledge of students about the application programming for the advanced mobile devices through the Qt technology.

Qt is one of the fastest growing cross platform application development frameworks in the world. Using Qt, you can develop applications and user interfaces, and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without need to rewrite the source code.

The laboratory will focus on C++ programming and GUI application development using the Qt cross-platform libraries. The Qt mobility features will be described and discussed using the Qt porting on the Maemo platforms. 

The laboratory will include sessions about theory and practice on real devices (Nokia N900) provided by Nokia.


– Introduction to Programming with Qt: Qt Application Framework concepts, Qt SDK Tools, Creating GUIs with Qt Widgets and Layout, Qt object model, Qt modules walkthrough (Strings, containers, algorithms…);

– Advanced Qt Programming: Layout Management, Event Handling and Processing, Multi-Tasking, Memory management, Signals and slots, Networking, Multimedia, WebKit, Input/Output, Databases;

– Qt for Advanced Maemo Mobile Development: Qt on Maemo Mobile Platforms, Maemo Intro, Concepts and Internals, Qt for Maemo, Mobile Development Environment, Mobile Extensions, Security, Building Qt Apps for Maemo Mobile Platform, Mobile Battery Life (Challenges/Solutions);

– Hands-on: The lab sessions will provide hands-on experience on real devices (Nokia N900) with the topics covered in the theory lectures and will comprise a brief introduction to the programming assignments, followed by independent work periods.

Prerequisites are: Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, C, C++, Embedded System Programming.



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