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Any questions/comments regarding 3D-ICE must be addressed to: [email protected] *

*Remember that SUBSCRIPTION IS NECESSARY to send emails to this address. Please see below on how to subscribe to this mailing list.

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We are constantly looking out for your feedback and comments in our efforts to improve 3D-ICE. Please send your emails to [email protected]. You must subscribe to this mailing list in order to be able to communicate with us and also receive notifications about new releases and updates on new patches, bugs etc. Notifications will be kept as limited and as brief as possible and THERE WILL BE NO SPAMMING of your mailbox. In addition, this mailing list will serve as a forum where you can interact with other users of 3D-ICE.

To subscribe, please send an email to [email protected] and follow the instructions in the automatic reply. 

For more information about how to (un)subscribe to this mailing list, please read this.