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Project/Tool scope:

3D-ICE stands for 3D Interlayer Cooling Emulator. It is a Linux based Thermal Emulator Library written in C, which can perform transient thermal analyses of vertically stacked 3D integrated circuits with inter-tier Microchannel Liquid Cooling. It is based on Compact Transient Thermal Modeling (CTTM) of solids and liquids.

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Usage of 3D-ICE

3D-ICE is the result of a committment to build a thermal simulator that is uncomplicated, easy to use, simple to understand, and compact and light enough to run fast on computers using minimal resources. The primary intended users of 3D-ICE are VLSI designers, heat sink engineers, and researchers and students developing the next generation cooling solutions for ICs. 3D-ICE accepts the physical description of the 3D-IC stack in the form of a simple and straightforward netlist file called the “Stack Description File”. The thermal power distribution of the individual dies can be given to 3D-ICE using “Floorplan File”. Using this information, 3D-ICE performs the transient thermal analysis of the system. There are a myriad of functions available that enable the user to print a variety of thermal data such as thermal maps of individual dies, temperature evolution at a single floorplan element against time etc.


3D-ICE Project Team

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Please ensure that you have the correct versions of bison and flex before you install 3D-ICE. Specifically,
bison 2.4.1
flex 2.5.35

Please see the User Guide for more information before installation.

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