Coughvid makes progress amid great anticipation

Anticipation is growing as we get closer to the release of the Coughvid app.

David Atienza and Tomás Teijeiro have both been interviewed by major Swiss news organisations, Le Temps and ICTjournal.

Much was made in each case of what is largely seen as a three-horse race between EPFL, Cambridge and MIT. While EPFL and Cambridge have been happy to shared their test data with each other, MIT are seemingly reticent on this score – while at the same time claiming overwhelmingly positive results.

Where there is total consensus is that Coughvid and any other tools offering free, instantly available, quality diagnoses in the fight against Covid will be game changers – a welcome addition to the arsenal in the fight against the pandemic.

David Atienza speaks to Le Temps:
Mobile apps will identify Covid with coughing

Tomás Teijeiro is interviewed by ICTjournal:
The race between researchers for the diagnosis of Covid-19 in the sound of a cough

IEEE do a survey of teams around the world in Spectrum:
AI Recognizes COVID-19 in the Sound of a Cough