Master’s Project

Optimization of injection strategies for CO2 sequestration in deep geological formations

 Supervisor: Prof. Lyesse Laloui

Assistant: Jose A. Bosch

Motivation of the project

Fluid injection operations are involved in many geo-energy applications such as CO2 carbon sequestration, deep geothermal energy, and gas storage. The success of these operations may be compromised by eventual microseismic and seismic events caused by the fluid pressure buildup in the reservoir. In order to minimize seismic risks, proper evaluation of the safest injection strategies and protocols must be performed. The aim of this project is to investigate the factors that impact the amount of CO2 that can be optimally injected in deep aquifers and depleted oil and gas reservoirs. For this, numerical simulations of fluid injection with different configurations will be performed and compared. Particular emphasis will be made on the economic cost of the different strategies. The results will be useful for establishing new guidelines for operating CO2 sequestration sites.


Subsurface fluid injection, Reservoir geomechanics, CO2 geological storage, Flow in porous media.

Goal of the project

The goal of the project is to provide guidelines for the management of fluid injection strategies. The student will acquire advanced knowledge in new technologies related to reservoir geomechanics.


Jose A. Bosch
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Lyesse Laloui
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