EE-204 Circuits and Systems I


Prof. Volkan Cevher


This course offers an elementary introduction to signals and systems.

Our goal is to help students understand mathematical descriptions of signal processing algorithms and express those algorithms as basic computer implementations via MATLAB.

Our pedagogic approach exploits a mixture of mathematical theory and “hands-on” experience. Along with abstract signals and systems concepts, we include many application examples and demos, as well as laboratory sessions to put key theoretical elements from the lectures into action.

To achieve these goals, we devote one to two hours each week to lectures, followed by either a one-hour interactive problem solving session or a two- hour computer exercise session. 


Signal Processing First, James H. McClellan, Ronald W. Schafer, and Mark A. Yoder, Prentice Hall, 2003.

Reference Reading

Signals and Systems, Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, and S. Hamid, Prentice Hall, 1996.


Week 1 Course logistics, introduction, and applications.
  Sinusoids and complex exponentials.
  Reading: §1, §2.1 − 2.5, and Appendix B
Week 2 Phasor addition.
  Lab 1: MATLAB tutorial
  Reading: §2.6, Appendix A, and Lab 1
Week 3 The spectrum, periodic signals, the time-varying spectrum, chirp signals.
  Reading: §3.1 − 3.3, §3.7 − 3.8
Week 4 Fourier series coefficients.
  Lab 2: Using complex exponentials
  Reading: §3.4 − 3.6, Lab 2
Week 5 Fourier series and the spectrum.
  Lab 3: AM and FM signals
  Reading: §3.4 − 3.6, Lab 2
Week 6 Sampling and aliasing.
  Reading: §4.1 − 4.3
Week 7 Digital to analog conversion, the Shannon sampling theorem, and the Nyquist rate.
  Reading: §4.4 − 4.6
  Lab 4: A/D and D/A conversion
Week 8 Pre-midterm review
Week 9 Bonus midterm exam
Week 10 Discrete-time systems, filtering (FIR), and causality.
  Reading: §5.1 − 5.3
Week 11 Linearity, time invariance, and convolution.
  Cascaded systems.
  Circuits as examples of systems.
  Reading: §5.4 − 5.9
Week 12 Frequency response of FIR filters.
  Reading: §6.1 − 6.5
Week 13 Frequency response of FIR filters (cont.) and digital filtering analog signals.
  Reading: §6.6 − 6.9
Week 14 Final exam review