Our team

Currently our team consists of 1 professor, 5 postdoctoral researchers, 12 PhD students, 2 interns and 1 administrative assistant. We are 11 nationalities and our average age is 28.3.

Head of laboratory

Administrative staff


PhD Students


LIONS alumni, listed in the reversed chronological order

PHD students:

Igor Krawczuk (now Lead ML & Automation Engineer at Adaptyv Biosystems Inc)

Fabian Latorre (now Quantitative Researcher at Squarepoint Capital)

Ali Kavis (now postdoc at UT Austin)

Mehmet Fahin Sahin (now postdoc at UNIGE)

Paul Rolland (now system specialist at EPFL)

Thomas Sanchez (now postdoc at UNIL)

Ahmet Alacaoglu (now postdoc at Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)

Arda Uran (Analog Design Engineer at Kandou Bus SA)

Ya-Ping Hsieh (now postdoc at ETHZ)

Baran Gözcü (postdoc at ETHZ)

Ilia Bogunovic (postdoc at ETHZ; Faculty at UCL)

Alp Yurtsever (postdoc at MIT; Faculty at Umea

Marwa El Halabi (postdoc at MIT; scientist at Samsung AI)

Cosimo Aprile (now Analog Design Engineer at Kandou Bus SA

Yen-Huan Li (Faculty at Taiwanese, National University)

Anastasios (Tasos) Kyrillidis (postdoc at UT Austin; CS Faculty at Rice University)

Afsaneh Asaei (co-advised) (now head of AI at TUM)


Dr. Grigorios  Chrysos (Faculty at University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Dr. Fanghui Liu (Faculty at University of Warwick)

Dr. Ali Ramezani (Faculty at University of Oslo)

 Dr. Nadav Hallak (IE&M Faculty at Technion)

Dr. Kamalaruban Parameswaran (Senior Research Associate at Alan Turing Institute)

Dr. Yurii Malitskyi (Faculty at Vienna University)

Dr. Armin Eftekhari (Faculty at UMEA University)

Dr. Bang Cong Vu (Math Faculty at University of Hanoi)

Dr. Junhong Lin (CS Faculty at Zheijang University)

Dr. Jonathan Scarlett (CS/Math Faculty at NUS)

Dr. Quoc Tran Dinh (Math Faculty at UNC)

Dr. Quang Van Nguyen (postdoc at McGill)

Dr. Bubacar Bah (Humbolt Chair Faculty at AIMS South Africa)

Dr. Luca Baldassarre (Group Leader at SwissRE),