Wanyun Xie (2023)

Research Interests

  • Distributed machine learning
  • Optimization
  • Communication Systems


I received a Bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering from Southeast University in July 2021. Then, I obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in August 2022. My master’s degree project titled “A Game-theoretical Framework for Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning” was supervised by Prof. Volkan Cevher and Prof. Mikael Johansson. I started my internship at LIONS in September 2022 and finished it in March 2023.

Stable Nonconvex-Nonconcave Training via Linear Interpolation

T. M. Pethick; W. Xie; V. Cevher 

2023-09-21. Thirty-seventh Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, December 10-16, 2023.

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