Alumni PhD students

Convex/Non-Convex Optimization, Robust Optimization, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning Theory.

Machine Learning, Convex Optimization

Theoretical and algorithmic aspects of convex optimization methods, Machine Learning, Image  Processing,

Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, Inverse problems, Compressed Sensing

Integrated Circuit Design, Dimensionality reduction, Implantable neurotechnology, High-speed data conversion and timing circuits.

Convex Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Image Processing

Statistical Learning Theory, Convex/Non-Convex Optimization, Concentration of Measure, Phenomenon

Performance analysis of optimization algorithms, Stochastic optimization, Scalable convex optimization

Machine learning algorithms

Image processing, Compressive sensing for wireless communication applications, Convex optimization

Convex optimization, Structured sparsity, Submodular and discrete optimization, Theoretical computer science

Analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits design

High-dimensional statistics, Machine learning, Convex optimization, Classical and quantum information theories

Machine Learning, Convex and Non-convex Analysis and Optimization, Data Analytics and Mining, Structured Low Dimensional Models, Compressed Sensing,

Array signal processing, Sparse component analysis, Statistical pattern recognition