Andrej Janchevski

Research Interests:

  • Network Science
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Graph Representation
  • Graph Prediction
  • Graph Generation



I received my BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia in 2019. During my bachelor studies in 2018, I had the amazing chance to do an internship at CERN in Geneva for 2 months through their Summer Student Programme. This endeavour made me fall in love with Switzerland and Lac Léman, which encouraged me to do my master studies in Lausanne. I obtained my MSc in Data Science from EPFL in 2021. The topic of my master thesis, “Graph embeddings methods for graph completion”, done at LIONS lab in collaboration with Swisscom inspired me to continue my academic career as a PhD student at LIONS and directed my research interests to deep learning models for graph-based problems but I can find NLP and time series also fun. I am an applied researcher and data analyst at heart and interdisciplinary problems/applications are my favourite. My hobbies include urban travelling, gym exercise, cinema and gaming.


AndrejJan at SemEval-2019 Task 7: A Fusion Approach for Exploring the Key Factors pertaining to Rumour Analysis

A Study of Different Models for Subreddit Recommendation Based on User-Community Interaction


e-mail address: Andrej Janchevski

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