Dr. Ali Ramezani-Kebrya

Research Interests:

  • Large-scale and distributed machine learning 
  • Optimization
  • Privacy/security 
  • Reinforcement learning 
  • Communications/networking 


Ali Ramazani-Kebraya is currently an Associate Professor (with tenure) in CS at the University of Oslo. He was a postdoctoral fellow at LIONS. Before joining EPFL, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Vector Institute in Canada. He works in machine learning and studies communication, optimization, privacy/security, and generalization aspects of machine learning algorithms. Ali received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He is a recipient of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship, which is equivalent to NSF fellowship in the US.

Publications with LIONS

On the Generalization of Stochastic Gradient Descent with Momentum

A. Ramezani-Kebrya; K. Antonakopoulos; V. Cevher; A. Khisti; B. Liang 

Journal Of Machine Learning Research. 2024-01-01. Vol. 25, p. 1-56.

Federated Learning under Covariate Shifts with Generalization Guarantees

A. Ramezani-Kebrya; F. Liu; T. M. Pethick; G. Chrysos; V. Cevher 

Transactions on Machine Learning Research. 2023. num. 06.

Distributed Extra-Gradient With Optimal Complexity And Communication Guarantees

A. Ramezani-Kebrya; K. Antonakopoulos; I. Krawczuk; J. Deschenaux; V. Cevher 

2023. 11th International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), Kigali, Rwanda, May 1-5, 2023.

Subquadratic Overparameterization for Shallow Neural Networks

C. Song; A. Ramezani-Kebrya; T. Pethick; A. Eftekhari; V. Cevher 

2021. 35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021), Sydney, Australia, December 6-14, 2021.