Pedro Abranches

Research Interests:

  • Bayesian optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • Causality
  • Neuroscience



I received my Bsc in Biochemistry from University of Coimbra in 2017. I then did an internship at the Blue Brain Project at EPFL where I was exposed to interesting learning frameworks both in human and machines. This prompted me to do a Msc in Computer Science at University of Porto, Portugal. My master thesis was done at EPFL, where I developed a framework using Bayesian optimization to automatically optimize the stimulation used in Professor Courtine laboratory. I am now an intern under the supervision of Professor Cevher, where I intend to further explore the field of machine learning.


Travasso, Rui DM, et al. “Localized redox relays as a privileged mode of cytoplasmic hydrogen peroxide signaling.” Redox biology 12 (2017): 233-245.

Rodrigues Santos, P., et al. “Transcribed ultraconserved noncoding rnas (T-UCRs) in chronic myeloid leukemia: expression profiles associated with molecular response to therapy with tyrosine kinase inhibitors.” Haematologica. vol. 102. via giuseppe belli 4, 27100 pavia, Italy: Ferrata Storti Foundation, 2017.


e-mail address: [email protected]

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