Alumni postdocs

Polynomial neural networks, Tensor decomposition, Tensor analysis, Generative models, Machine learning

Machine learning  Kernel methods Learning Theory

Large-scale and distributed machine learning, Optimization, Privacy/security, Reinforcement learning, Communications/networking

Mathematical optimization Algorithms, Nonlinear analysis, Machine Learning

Continuous optimization: theory analgorithms, Nonconvex optimization, First order methods, Machine learning

Machine Learning, Optimization, Signal Processing, Information Theory

Convex optimization, Stochastic optimization, Machine learning, Image processing,

Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Optimization, Numerical Analysis,

Learning Theory, Compressed Sensing, Statistics, Optimization,

Convex Analysis Partial Differential Equations Optimisation Image and Signal Processing

Information theory, Machine learning, High-dimensional statistics, Signal processing 

Theory and Algorithms for Convex Optimization, Convex Optimization in Machine Learning and Compressive Sensing, Sequential Convex Programming (SCP), Parametric and Online Optimization, Numerical Methods for Variational Inequality and Equilibrium Problems 

Model-based machine learning and compressive sensing, Convex and discrete optimization

Compressed sensing (CS), Machine Learning, Random matrix theory with applications to CS and sparse approximation