Surgical Robotics Competitivity Report

TypeMaster project in industry
KnowledgeFluent in French and English
SubjectsSurgical Robotics, robot taxonomy
SupervisionAude Billard

In 2022, in collaboration with the Biomedical Engineering Service of the HUG, the SFITS published a State of the Art Report on Automation and Assistance Technologies for Surgical Procedures (TAAC in French: Technologies d’Automatisation et d’Assistance aux gestes Chirurgicaux). This report is an inventory of the various existing devices. The aim of the project will be to go beyond the inventory, and propose a taxonomy of these devices, some criteria and a methodology to classify and evaluate the impact of using each of these tools. The analysis will have to take into account the medico-technical aspects of course, but also the economic aspects. Eventually, the analysis should be structured in a database.


The foreseen tasks for this project are as follow:

  • Identify the stakeholders in the process of acquisition of a TAAC tool by a health care institution
  • Identify the socio-economic and organisational aspects of the acquisition, use, maintenance and recycling of TAAC tools
  • Identify sources of neutral (non-vendor dependant) information/data/publications regarding the impact of these tools on patient care
  • Identify the training centres and learning methods for the use of each tool
  • Propose criteria and a theoretical model for the evaluation of the impact of TAAC tools
  • Propose a standard questionnaire for the different professionals who are impacted by TAAC tools in a hospital

Optional tasks:

  • Propose a process for data collection
  • Propose a structured graphic presentation of the results of the surveys
  • Propose a method for segmenting the results
  • Propose a method for evaluating the training processes for robotic surgery


The applicant is expected to have the following skills:

  • Fluency in French and English
  • Versatile, rigorous, autonomous and flexible
  • Quick to adapt and integrate
  • Great interest in the fields of health, robotics, training and innovation
  • Ability to take into account socio-economic aspects in addition to purely technical aspects
  • Ability to proactively communicate with experts and suppliers


Application must include a letter of motivation and CV


[1] H. Jacquemoud, K. Rghioui, E. Seuret, F. Jusifi, “État de l’Art de la Chirurgie Robotique”