Geomechanics in a quick view

Geomechanics intends to address a wide range of problems involved in complex material properties of soils and rocks. It is basically dealt with natural hazards, from landslides to earthquakes, and the design and construction of infrastructures ranging from earth dams to offshore structures. Geomechanics in environmental point of view addresses the groundwater contamination and site remediation, disposal of the nuclear wastes and recent problems related to resource extraction, including energy geostructures


Geomechanics course at EPFL

This course (3 credits in ECTS) is presented in Civil Engineering program of Master level, and this semseter is given by Professor Lyesse Laloui and Dr. Azad Koliji

Lecture material

  • Extracts from the “Traité de Génie Civil, volume 18: Mécanique des sols et des roches” by L. Vuillet, L. Laloui and J. Zhao.
  • Lectures notes « Geomechanics » by L.Vulliet & A. Koliji. Glossary (English-French): Glossary.pdf

Useful links related to the course

Geomechanics on Moodle



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