Prof. Kathryn Hess Bellwald

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Homotopy theory, category theory,
applications of algebraic topology.

Notes and videos from selected talks

Topological Hochschild homology and topological cyclic homology: from classical to modern (video of three lectures from MSRI Introductory Workshop in Derived Algebraic Geometry, 02.2019)
An introduction to topological coHochschild homology (video from Newton Institute seminar, 11.2018)
High-throughput topological screening of nanoporous crystalline materials (video from MSRI Hot Topics Workshop, 10.2018)
Topology meets neuroscience (video from Bedlewo Applied Topology Conference, 06.2017)
Configuration spaces of products (video from UIUC homotopy theory conference, 07.2017)
Waldhausen K-theory and topological coHochschild homology (video from BIRS, 05.2016)
A calculus for knot theory (video from SMC colloquium, 11.2015)
Interview of Jim Stasheff and Dennis Sullivan (05.2015)
Simplicial and chain models for free loop spaces I, II, and III (video from minicourse in Nantes, 09.2014)
Waldhausen K-theory via comodules (Dubrovnik, 06.2014)
Galois, Hopf, Grothendieck, Koszul, and Quillen (MSRI-Evans lecture, 03.2014)
Operads in algebraic topology I and II (video from MSRI mini-course, 01.2014)
Homotopic descent and Hopf-Galois extensions (Mini-course in Louvain-la-Neuve, 09.2013)
The Boardman-Vogt tensor product of operadic bimodules (video from Newton Institute, 04.2013)
Operads and their (bi)modules in topology (video from Newton Institute, 01.2013)
Spaces of long embeddings and iterated loop spaces (Oberwolfach, 09.2012)
Duality, descent and extensions (Luminy, 06.2012)
Twisting structures (CTAG, 05.2011)
What is André-Quillen (co)homology and why is it important? (video from BIRS, 03.2011)
Deligne’s Hochschild cohomology conjecture (Wayne State Colloquium, 10.2010)
Homotopic Hopf-Galois extensions (Skye Conference, 06.2009)
Free loop spaces in topology and physics (Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 11.2008)
Power maps in algebra and topology (KTHT, 09.2008)