EPFL Applied Topology Seminar Spring 2024

All are welcome!
For questions about the seminar, please contact Kelly Maggs at [email protected].

Location: MA B1 524

Time: Wednesdays at 10h15.

Zoom: https://epfl.zoom.us/j/68364713927






Joel Hancock Max Perutz Labs 31/01 Spectral Axes of Variation in Biological Systems
Fausto Bradke University of Vienna 07/02 A theory about building complexity in brain as a general encoder-decoder.
Caio Lopez EPFL 21/02 Flies in a dish: developing Drosophila melanogaster primary cell cultures as tools for Neurobiology
Francesca Tombari MPI Leipzig 28/02 Realisations of posets and Koszul complexes
Ling Zhou Duke University 06/03 Beyond Persistent Homology: More Discriminative Persistent Invariants
Jeanne Sentenac EPFL 13/03 Modelling Subspace Transformation
Iolo Jones Durham University 20/03 Diffusion Geometry
Primoz Skraba Queen Mary University London 27/03 Mobius Homology
Abigail Hickok  Columbia University 03/04 Curvature Estimation for Point Clouds, Graphs, and Finite Metric Spaces
Bastian Rieck Technische Universität München 17/04 No Metric to Rule Them All: Gauging the Graphicality of Graph Data
Darrick Lee University of Oxford 01/05 Random Surfaces and Higher Algebra