EPFL Applied Topology Seminar Spring 2024

All are welcome! For questions about the seminar, please contact Kelly Maggs at [email protected].

Location: MA B2 485

Time: Wednesdays at 15h00 CEST.

Zoom: TBA



Date Time Place Title Speaker
31.01.2024 15:00 CET MA B2 485 Spectral Axes of Variation in Biological Systems Joel Hancock




Spectral Axes of Variation in Biological Systems (Joel Hancock)

Biological systems are noisy and redundant, and even with modern machine learning, predictive, quantitative theories of large, complex biological systems (like the cell) remain a dream. This talk will describe emerging attempts to construct such a theory, by developing new data analysis techniques more suited to biological data, and more tractable to theoretical analysis. I will describe existing methods that integrate systems biology and geometry into the analysis of large-scale data, and then describe my own attempted contribution. The methods in question draw on concepts from harmonic analysis and information theory. I will discuss the challenges of biological data analysis from a mathematical viewpoint, and in particular how the biological notion of pathway or module can be formalized.