Nima Rasekh

(Protip: If you visit EPFL you should check out Geneva)

I am a collaborateur scientifique (postdoctoral researcher) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne working in the research group of Kathryn Hess. I am currently on the academic job market, seeking tenure track positions. For more information check out my CV (last update: February 2022). You can also contact me via nima.rasekh [at]

I mostly think about homotopy theory, particularly if it includes some category theory. Concretely I am interested in foundations of higher category theory and higher topos theory. Here is an excellent article by Emily Riehl discussing the rise of higher category theory. Here is another general science article talking some of things I like to think about. 

Before that I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute fur Mathematik and before that I was a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I worked with my advisor Charles Rezk.

I also taught a course on higher categories. You can find the lecture notes here.

Email: nima.rasekh [at]
Office:  MA B3 465

Research Interests

Some buzz words: higher category theory, higher topos theory, elementary topos theory, homotopy type theory, topological Hochschild homology, cotangent complex, shadows.

Essentially, if you see this scene on the EPFL campus, then it’s probably me:
                                    (Courtesy of Adrien Miqueu)

Publications & Preprints & Notes

Elementary Higher Toposes:

Fibrations of Higher Categories:

Studying Classical Homotopy using Modern Methods:

Other Work:

  • Analyzing RGB Images using Topology with Ruth Davidson, Chuan Du, Rosemary Guzman, Adarsh Manawa and Christopher Szul:
    In this talk we discuss how to use a code developed at Australian National University to do image analysis with discrete Morse theory. We show how to use the code in two different scenarios: water scarcity and crime data.
  • RGB image-based data analysis via discrete
    Morse theory and persistent homology
    with Ruth Davidson, Chuan Du, Rosemary Guzman, Adarsh Manawa and Christopher Szul:
    We use a code developed at ANU that can detect fundamental topological features of a grayscale image and enhance it so that it can also analyze RGB images. As a result we can perform data analysis directly on RGB images representing water scarcity variability as well as crime variability.
  • An Introduction to TFTs:
    This is a talk I gave in the graduate student homotopy seminar. I introduce the basic notions of topological field theories and show that even simple computations necessitate using higher categorical tools.
  • A New Approach to Straightening:
    These are my slides for the talk I gave in GSTGC (Graduate Student Geometry Topology Conference) 2016 on April 2nd, 2016. I show a method to introduce the unstraightening construction to a larger mathematical audience.
  • I took my preliminary exam March 3rd, 2015. Here is my prelim syllabus and the slides of my prelim talk.