Adélie Garin


PhD student at EPFL, under the supervision of Kathryn Hess.
My work is on Topological Image Processing, at the crossroad between applied topology, machine learning and image processing.

Msc in Mathematics at the University of Geneva, 2016-2018
BSc in Mathematics at the University of Geneva, 2013-2016
(Exchange at the University of California, San Diego)

Publications and Preprints

L. Kanari, A. Garin, K.Hess, “From trees to barcodes and back again: theoretical and statistical perspectives” Submitted to Algorithms, 2020

A. Garin, T. Heiss, K. Maggs, B. Bleile and V. Robins, “Duality in Persistent Homology of Images”, Extended abstract for SoCG YRF 2020

A. Garin and G. Tauzin, “A Topological “Reading” Lesson: Classification of MNIST using TDA,” 2019 18th IEEE International Conference On Machine Learning And Applications (ICMLA), Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2019

Presentations and Posters

Oxford Applied Topology Seminar, August 2020
University of Oxford, online
Noisy neurons and rainbow worms: theoretical and statistical perspectives on trees and their barcodes

SMB minisymposium on TDA and network science for biological data, August 2020
Heidelberg, Germany (moved online)
Topological Data Analysis for (biological) image analysis

SoCG Young Researcher Forum, June 2020
ETHZ, Switzerland (moved online)
Duality in Persistent Homology of Images

Brain Mind Institute annual report, June 2020
EPFL, Switzerland (moved online)Topological Data Analysis for Image Processing

Poster at GeoCoW Workshop, January 2020
Les Diablerets, Switzerland

A Topological Reading Lesson – A TDA Pipeline for Image Analysis

Topology Seminar, November 2019
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
A Topological Reading Lesson – A TDA Pipeline for Image Analysis

Graduate Seminar, May 2019
University of Geneva, Switzerland
An introduction to Euler calculus

TopApp Workshop, April 2019
IST Vienna, Austria
From Euler curves to shapes: going backward

Workshop on persistent homology, July 2017
Institut Alexander Grothendieck, Montpellier, France
Persistent homology and stability theorem

Topology Seminar, October 2017
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Persistent homology and stability theorem



Euler course at EPFL:

Geometry I, Euler course, 2019

Algebraic structures, Euler course, 2020

Students Semester projects

Topology applied in deep learning:  a study of topology-preserving image segmentation
Luca Bracone, 2020
Cosupervised with Celia Hacker and Stefania Ebli

A study of C. elegans neural network through graph theory and topology
Thomas Negrello, 2020

Cosupervised with Celia Hacker and Stefania Ebli

Euler calculus on elementary cubical complexes
 Pierre Jaillot, 2019

Cosupervised with Celia Hacker