Our paper on C-shells received the 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Papers Honorable Mention.

Our paper on Umbrella Meshes received the 2021 ACM SIGGRAPH Technical Best Paper Honorable Mention.

Mina has received the 2020 Eurographics PhD Award.

Mina received the 2019 EPFL  Doctoral Thesis Distinction.

Mina has received the 2020 ACM Siggraph Dissertation Award Honorable Mention.

Mina has received the 2019 EDIC Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize

IASS Jury Price

Our X-Shell Pavilion received the Prize of the 2019 IASS Form and Force Exposition.

Mina has been awarded the 2019 Schmidt Science Fellowship.

Sofien has been award the 2018 Eurographics Young Researcher Award.

Anastasia received the 2018 Eurographics PhD Award Honorable Mention.

Alexandru received the 2017 EPFL Thesis Distinction.

Mark receives the 2016 Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contributions Award.

Sofien received 2016 ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention.

Our paper received the Best Paper Award at the 2015 Symposium on Geometry Processing.

Sofien received the 2015 Fritz Kutter award for his PhD thesis.

Duygu has been awarded the 2015 Eurographics PhD Award.

Best Paper Award

Our paper has won the best paper award at the 2012 Symposium on Architectural Geometry.

Mark was awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

Best Paper Award

Best student paper award at 2009 ACM Symposium on Computer Animation.

Mark has been award the 2006 Eurographics Young Researcher Award