Flexible beams and a stretchable fabric find an elastic balance.

el.ba is a sculptural exploration of minimal forms. Born from an intensive collaboration between GCM Artist-in-Residence Alison Martin and the EPFL Geometric Computing Laboratory directed by Prof. Mark Pauly, el.ba investigates how flexible beams and elastic fabric can be shaped in a delicate balance of forces to create a complex curved minimal surface. el.ba aims to transport the viewer’s gaze to a new place and make accessible mathematical concepts through the experience of a physical model.


  • Alison Martin
    • Weaving Artist, GCM Artist-in-Residence 2023
  • Dr. Seiichi Suzuki, Filip Goc, Prof. Dr. Mark Pauly, Uday Kusupati, Michele Vidulis, Yingying Ren, Quentin Becker, Zhenyuan Liu, Florin Isvoranu
    • EPFL Geometric Computing Laboratory (GCM)