Art & Design

Our research is greatly inspired by nature, art, and design. A new research effort can be triggered by an observation in nature, a discussion about design, or a reflection about an art piece. We aim to close the cycle and actively seek collaborations with designers and artists to explore how our research can enable new creations. Below we show projects that make use of scientific insights, computational methods, or design tools developed at GCM.

Flexible beams and a stretchable fabric find an elastic balance.

A permanent shading structure with a tensioned auxetic membrane next to the Rolex Learning Center.

BamX! is a computationally designed, bending-active bamboo structure that is strong, yet extremely lightweight.

The CIRCA DIEM installation aims to contest the progressive disconnect of the contemporary city from the natural day-night cycle.

PINNANNOUSU  is an immersive robotic performance with caustic lenses carved in ice.

Inspired by our research on elastic knots, Mark designed this hand-crafted crystal glass as part of Artel’s Animation Collection.

A gift from the Swiss Government to the President of the United States.

Personalized jewelry creations that reveals a unique message when the sun shines. 

Interlocking Cube

An interlocking puzzle designed by Peng Song is the latest gift for the recipients of the EPFL honorary doctoral degree.

Woven Kleinbottle

A classic mathematical surface interpreted as a curved weaving.

Complex forms made from a single sheet of auxetic material.

Interlocking furniture requires no connectors, such as nails or screws, to hold the pieces together.

A carefully crafted aluminum plate creates a reflective lion caustic.

A glass cube creates three distinct shadows.

A male torso formed from a single sheet of wiremesh.

The deployable X-shell pavilion won the award at the 2019 IASS Form and Force Exhibition.

A permanent installation at EPFL creates new caustic imagery every day.

The artwork of Pierre Soulages interpreted through interactive caustics.

An interactive video installation that comes to live when observed.

Interlocking planar pieces approximate complex freeform shapes.