The Geometric Computing Laboratory is a collective of scientists, creators, thinkers, and tinkerers, united in the goal of advancing knowledge in geometry, computation, and making. Currently open positions can be found here. Awards received by members of GCM are listed here.

PhD Alumni

Ziqi Wang

Thesis: Computational Analysis and Design of Structurally Stable Assemblies with Rigid Parts

Next Position: Postdoc at ETH Zurich

Mina Konakovic

Thesis: Computational Design of Auxetic Shells

Next Position: Postdoc at MIT

Anastasia Tkach

Thesis: Real-Time Generative Hand Modeling and Tracking

Next Position: Google

Alexandru-Eugen Ichim

Thesis: Physics-based Reconstruction and Animation of Humans

Next Position: Facebook

Stefan Lienhard

Thesis: Visualization, Adaptation, and Transformation of Procedural Grammars

Next Position: VirtaMed

Minh Dang

Thesis: Analysis and Synthesis of Structured Variations in 3D Geometries

Next Position: Dassault Systemes

Sofien Bouaziz

Thesis: Realtime Face Tracking and Animation

Next Position: Apple

Mario Deuss

Thesis: Computational Methods for Fabrication-aware Modeling, Rationalization and Assembly of Architectural Structures

Next Position: VirtaMed

Yuliy Schwartzburg

Thesis: Fabrication-Aware Design with Performative Criteria

Next Position: Postdoctoral Scholar at EPFL

Duygu Ceylan

Thesis: Computational Shape Understanding for 3D Reconstruction and Modeling

Next Position: Researcher at Adobe Research

Hao Li

Thesis: Animation Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces

Next Position: Professor at University of Southern California

Michael Eigensatz

Thesis: Constraint-Based Surface Processing for Geometric Modeling and Architecture

Next Position: Software Engineer at Cyfex AG

Bálint Miklós

Thesis: The scale axis transform

Next Position: Software Engineer at Google

Richard Keiser

Thesis: Meshless Lagrangian Methods for Physics-Based Animations of Solids and Fluids

Next Position: Head of Engineering at Vizrt

Postdoc Alumni

Davide Pellis

Next Position: Researcher at ISTI-CNR, Italy

Tim Chen

Next Position: Assistant professor at University of Houston

Julian Panetta

Next Position: Assistant professor at UC Davis

Christopher Brandt

Next Position: paternity leave

Peng Song

Next Position: Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design

Niranjan Thanikachalam

Next Position: Rayform

Yuliy Schwartzburg

Next Position: Rayform

Andrea Tagliasacchi

Next Position: Professor at University of Victoria

Bailin Deng

Next Position: Lecturer at Cardiff University

Boris Neubert

Next Position: Professor at Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT)

Juyong Zhang

Next Position: Professor at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Thibaut Weise

Next Position: CEO at faceshift AG

Brian Amberg

Next Position: CTO at faceshift AG

Hao Li

Next Position: Professor at University of Southern California

Camille Wormser

Next Position: Software Engineer at Google

Bob Sumner

Next Position: Associate Director at Disney Research


Liane Makatura

September 2017 – July 2018

Summer Interns

Yuwei Xiao


Jie Pan


Jean Jouve


Xiaofei Wang


Yingying (Samara) Ren


Anna Goncharova


Other Past Members

Robin Jodon

Ulysse Martel