Computer and Communication Sciences – Our doctoral program covers all areas of computer science and of information and communication theory, from its mathematical foundations to systems, platforms, and interdisciplinary applications. With roughly sixty faculty members affiliated with the program, it is one of the largest and most competitive doctoral programs on campus.

With a rich intellectual environment, a working culture and resources only matched by the highest-rated academic institutions, and geographically located in the breathtaking Lake Geneva region, our program targets training bright minds to be the research and industrial leaders of the information technology revolution.

We have an award-winning and internationally recognized faculty targeting broad research areas, and working closely with top international research organizations. We have a strong track record of employment and placement on a global scale whether it is R&D in industry or academia, and many of our students are leaders and founders of startups. Our students are among the best represented at flagship conferences and compete for, and are recognized internationally by prestigious industrial PhD fellowships and awards. We have a large consortium of industrial affiliates with whom many of our students collaborate closely during internships.

Application deadlines

Applications must be submitted prior to December 15 in order to enroll for the following September. The candidates who are selected to be fellowship recipients will be invited to our Open House. There will be a second round of admissions, with a deadline of April 15; where a relatively much smaller number of candidates who did not apply in the first round are considered. This second round will be discontinued beginning in 2025.

Faculty spotlight

Upcoming public defense


Program Director
Prof. Edouard Bugnion

Marta Bellone (Coordinator)
Anna Cecilia Chapuis
Annalisa Ginocchio

EPFL EDIC program
INN 134

Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

[email protected]

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