X-Shell Pavilion


The X-Shell pavilion is a lightweight structure composed of elastic beam elements joined in a special layout that allows easy on-site deployment. The structure’s undeployed assembly configuration is flat and is easy to build, consisting of GFRP rods connected with mechanical fasteners made of aluminum and steel. The structure is deployed simply by either stretching the flat layout or by driving open the angles between rods at the joints. As the structure expands, the constraints imposed by the joints force its beams to bend and the whole structure buckles into its predetermined target shape. Unlike traditional gridshells, our structure does not require boundary supports to maintain its shape. Instead, the structure’s shape is directly encoded in the flat layout of its beams, their cross-section geometry, and material properties. 

Form & Force Exhibition 2019

The X-Shell Pavilion was exhibited in 2019 in Barcelona at the Form and Force Exhibition at the main conference of the International Association for Shells and Structures. The jury selected the pavilion for the main prize of the exhibition.


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X-Shell Pavilion: A Deployable Elastic Rod Structure

F. Isvoranu; F. J. Panetta; T. Chen; E. Bouleau; M. Pauly 

2019. IASS Annual Symposium, Barcelona, Spain,

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X-Shells: A new class of deployable beam structures

J. Panetta; M. Konakovic-Lukovic; F. Isvoranu; E. Bouleau; M. Pauly 

Acm Transactions On Graphics. 2019-07-01. Vol. 38, num. 4, p. 83. DOI : 10.1145/3306346.3323040.

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chi-Shell, a new spatial deployable lattice compared to traditional reticulated shells

E. Bouleau; F. Isvoranu; J. Panetta; M. Pauly 

2019-01-01. 60th Anniversary Symposium of the International-Association-for-Shell-and-Spatial-Structures (IASS SYMPOSIUM) / 9th International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures (STRUCTURAL MEMBRANES), Barcelona, SPAIN, Oct 07-10, 2019. p. 1932-1939.