Tech Transfer

We translate our research findings into applications through design studies and artworks, via collaborations with industrial partners, or by creating spin-off companies. Faceshift SA was founded in 2012 by Thibaut Weise, Brian Amberg, Sofien Bouaziz, and Mark Pauly, and has been acquired in 2015. Rayform SA was founded in 2016 by Romain Testuz, Yuliy Schwartzburg, and Mark Pauly. 

Faceshift software allows users to drive virtual characters with their own facial expressions. The technology is used for content production in animation and as a novel communication metaphor in virtual worlds and social networks. Faceshift was acquired in 2015.

Rayform provides a unique technology for artists, designers and brands, giving them the ability to “sculpt” light. This enables completely new design and storytelling opportunities to create memorable experiences or prevent counterfeiting. 

The Rayy is a fine jewelry brand launched in 2019 based on our computational caustics technology. Jewelry pieces are sculpted to reflect light into a unique, personalized message.


Online modeling for real-time facial animation

S. Bouaziz; M. Pauly 

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Design of a refractive surface

M. Pauly; R. P. Testuz; Y. Schwartzburg 

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Method of encoding a 3d shape into a 2d surface

M. Konakovic-Lukovic; K. Crane; M. Pauly; J. Panetta 



Method of producing a reflective or refractive surface

M. Pauly; T. Kiser; M. Pauly; T. Kiser 

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