Software & Data

We strive to provide source code and data for our research and design projects. Information on licensing can be found within each code and data repository. For more information please contact [email protected].

C++ simulation framework for surface-based Umbrella Meshes.

C++ simulation framework for surface-based inflatables.

TopoLite is a cross-platform tool for creating topological interlocking shell structures.  Grasshopper plugin

C++ simulation framework for elastic rods and X-Shells.

ShapeOp is a header-only C++ library for static and dynamic geometry processing, using a unified framework for optimization under constraints. 

C++ code for online hand modeling and tracking from RGBD input.

C++ code for high-accuracy hand tracking with sphere-meshes model from RGBD input.

C++ code for hand tracking from RGBD input.

A header-only C++ library for rigid registration of point clouds.

Matlab code for our course on the basics of 2D/3D registration (presented at SIGGRAPH’13 and EG’14). 

Source code for the Polygon Mesh Processing course textbook.

Visualize and study the medial axis and related computational geometry structures in the plane.

Scalable particle fluid simulation code for computational researchers interested in Lagrangian particle-based fluid simulation.