Research Projects

Research at GCM focuses on efficient representations, scalable data structures, and robust algorithms for digital 3D models. Our goal is to understand fundamental principles of geometric computing and leverage these insights to develop new algorithms and tools for 3D shape analysis, simulation, optimization, design, and fabrication. Our research explores the interface of several scientific disciplines, such as mathematics, computer science, material science, mechanical engineering, and architecture to facilitate innovative computational design solutions for advanced manufacturing and construction.

We explore deployable structures that can be fabricated in a simple state and then be actuated to a programmed 3D target state.

Using insights from geometry and physical simulation, we can alter the behavior of materials to meet functional goals.

We study how geometric computing can facilitate new design methodologies for architectural applications.

Previous Projects

The projects listed below summarize past research efforts in our lab. Many of the results of these projects form the basis of our ongoing research activities.

Shape optimization of freeform lenses and reflectors allows painting with light.

Geometric reasoning and combinatorial optimization facilitate the design of complex assemblies.

Performance capture is about bringing digital characters to life by capturing the geometry and motion of real human performances.

We develop efficient data structures and algorithms for the simulation of complex physical phenomena.