La Quinzaine. Le Grand Banquet des Quartiers. – Passage-Paysage

From August 31 to September 8, the Quinzaine de l’urbanisme has taken place at the Pavillon Sicli in Geneva and hosted a series of contributions, discussions and debates in a festive atmosphere. The theme of this year was indeed “faire quartier”, the form of the exchanges was that of the banquet. An explicit reference, of course, to the Platonic philosophical debate. Moreover, this quinzaine was an invitation to think about urbanism differently, starting from hospitality in action. To get together to share a meal, to get to know each other, to go and see the place, to express aspirations, to contribute, to listen to what the other has to teach us. A prerequisite that we may have forgotten.

ALICE has contributed with the creation of 3 tablecloths as Looking Glasses over our collective Grand Genève project. We organized an event on September 3rd to present and discuss the PASSAGE-PAYSAGE research project. Financed by the CROSS 2020 program, this research was developed jointly by ALICE EPFL and OUVEMA UNIL.

The PASSAGE-PAYSAGE research project reconsiders Geneva’s cantonal road network as multimodal landscape infrastructures that not only foster active mobilities as a means of effective transportation in cohabitation with other mobility modes, but also as enjoyable and healthy embodied experiences benefiting from and enhancing the richness of local ecologies.


vendredi 3 septembre 2021 de 15h à 18h
Pavillon Sicli, Genève
Introduction: Dieter Dietz, Patrick Rérat, Aurèle Pulfer
Guest speaker: Enrico Slongo, Architecte de la Ville de Fribourg
Round tables with the public and invited panelists

– project team: ALICE EPFL & OUVEMA UNIL

– funding program: CROSS 2020 (Mobility)

– contact: Aurèle Pulfer, [email protected]

Photo credits : © Antonin Mack