IT on campus

Find your way around
EPFL online interactive maps:

E.g. Health point:


CAMIPRO: Paying on campus
The CAMIPRO card is your EPFL staff card. It is therefore a sort of EPFL identity card. You can load it with money to pay on campus:
You can also use it to rent cars via “Mobility car sharing” or “ElectricEasy”.
More info on


EPFL username: GASPAR
EPFL credentials are called “GASPAR”. You should receive them upon your arrival. You can change your password on


Wifi access


EPFL Intranet access from home: VPN
This can be useful if you wish to read scientific papers from home, or access EPFL local servers.




File and calendar sharing
For calendar settings and sharing check the instructions here.
There are several options for file storage and sharing. Check out


EPFL licensed software is available on distrilog (use your GASPAR credentials to log in):


IT support and helpdesk