FAQ Human Resources

Is there a minimum time period for postdoctoral contracts? i.e. can a postdoctoral contract last less than 6 months?

=> Our work contract are renewable on a year-to-year basis. Case by case, we also accept extensions for less than 6 months according to the needs of the project.

Do the PIs need to justify very short period contract extensions for post-docs?

=> HR are very careful that the succession of short-term contract extension is based on objective reasons.

Is it legal to keep postdocs with very short periods of time (i.e. 2/3 months) contracts for long periods of time?

=> Please refer to point 2.

Can the PIs give lack or uncertainty of fundings as a justification for extending the contract for only short time?

=> Scientific Collaborators are mainly paid from third-party funds, so uncertainty of fundings can explain short time extension.

What happens to PIs who don’t notify postdocs on time that the contract will not be extended?

=> The day indicated in the contract terminates the contract without further action by the employer. On the HR side, we send to the PIs “l’échéance de contrat” three months before the end of the contract, and we proceed to regular reminder.

 What are the general salary-setting rules for postdocs?

=> You will find all the information about salary on our website: https://rh.epfl.ch/forfaits

Is there a way to control PIs who push their staff to work overtime?

=> Please refer to the Rules and Regulations concerning Working Time Management LEX 4.1.4 (enclosed) art. 7 extra hours and overtime. In case of non-respect, complaint should be sent to HR.

Is there a system for PIs evaluation?

=> This question is out of our area of expertise – Please contact the Dean.

Can postdocs file grievances?

=> All the collaborators can file grievances. You will find all the information you need on the Compliance Guide

Are postdocs from outside Europe eligible for unemployment benefits? Who files an unemployment claim for them?

=>The unemployment benefits agency makes recommendations case-by-case.

The form is completed by our colleague Alain Maillard (salaries) at the end of the contract.

What are the taxation rules for postdocs from outside Europe? Is there a service at EPFL that can help to find it out?

=> This question is out of our area of expertise – please contact a fiduciary.