Who We Are

EPDA is the Postdoc association of EPFL, an association by the postdocs for the postdocs and open to all postdocs from the EPFL. Created in 2012 as a Postdoc association of Life sciences faculty, it has been extended to the whole school, and gained official recognition in 2020. Our statutes are available here (in English).

EPDA strives to:

  •  Create an environment of excellence for postdoctoral research training
  •  Build a thriving community of EPFL’s postdocs
  •  Promote training of postdocs as the future generation of responsible leaders

In our 2020 Strategic plan we identify the following priorities of the association in 2021:

  1. Capacity building of the association
  2. Career development support for postdocs
  3. Postdoc recognition and representation at the EPFL
  4. Quality of life support for postdocs

The association functions through the engagement of its members in the Committe and the Management.

Board and Management

The Board of the EPFL postdoc association is elected yearly at the association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in December. The Board members are responsible for the association and all its activities.

The Management assists the Board in the day to day operations of the Association. It coordinates activities of all the working groups and teams, and is responsible with the Board for implementing tasks and promoting the interests of the EPFL postdoc community. Management members are appointed by the Committee upon nomination from the Board.

To contact our Managment on any topic, please send an email to [email protected]


  • EPFL postdoc center: resources available for EPFL postdocs
  • APNS (UNIL): postdoc association at UNIL we are closely collaborating with
  • ADAS (UNIL): The official representative association for postdocs and Ph.D.s from the FBM and our sister association.
  • BSNL (UNIL-EPFL): Joint association for members from both universities.
  • Skills for Scientists (UNIL): Professional career development at Epalinges.
  • KNOVA (EPFL): Startup centered events with the EPFL Vice Presidency for Innovation.