Finding accommodation in Lausanne

ACIDE International Spouses: Housing

How to find accommodation in Lausanne


Some advice:

  • Be fast! If you look at a place days after the add for it was out, chances are there have already been tens of people there before you and you won’t even be considered anymore
  • Agencies usually put out lists of new houses daily around lunch time (there is a delay between this and when you can find the places online). As being the first to apply for a place can sometimes make the difference, it may be useful to get check out the list, go view the new places directly and run back to the agency with the dossier ?
  • Writing a “Demande de location” letter (in french!) and sending it (by email and mail!) to all agencies in advance *may help*; You’ll still need to apply for each apartment individually, but there is a chance they will know about you; you can state what kind of place you are looking for, but most importantly explain your situation (you’re arriving from another country, employed with good salary, will stay a long time, you desperately need a place to stay to your papers etc.); You can attach your work contract, previous payment slips, ID card copy, and whatever else you think may impress them ?
  • Having a recommendation letter from your previous landlord and/or from your supervisor *may help*
  • Try to meet the decision-making person if possible (e.g. sometimes the responsible from the agency is there at the viewing); always works better if you can make them understand your situation;
  • Try to make the current occupant of the flat recommend you to the agency; They are often aware of the situation as they’ve been through it themselves and if they are there for the viewing chances are that they care; If there’s nobody the agency already has in mind for the place, the previous occupant’s recommendation can make a difference;
  • Make sure to always sign in during the viewings, agencies will not consider applicants that did not visit the apartment
  • “Temporary”/”Urgent” rental places are usually easier to get.