Contrôle des habitants

Contrôle des habitants arrival.

You need to go to the Contrôle des habitants, at the latest, 8 days after your arrival in Lausanne with the following documents:

  • Passport, or identity card for those countries in CE/AELE (EU or EFTA, European Free Trade Association).
  • Arrival form “Bulletin d’Arrivée” completed
  • One photo (35 mm x 45 mm)
  • Birth certificate (international/legally authorised translation of birth certificate if the original is not in German/French/Italian), marriage certificate (if appropriate).
  • Rental contract, or attestation from your landlord in Lausanne.
  • EPFL enrollment certificate

You can download forms from the website, or pick them up at the Contrôle des habitants:
Controle des habitants – forms


Controle des habitants – costs


As on 19th June 2020:
For your permit: CHF 65 for EU and EFTA, CHF 117 for other countries.
Plus CHF 30 as a tax for announcing your arrival.


Ask for an “Attestation” to say that you have registered as a resident in Lausanne. This piece of paper will allow you to get a mobile phone and set up a bank account. They won’t do it on the same day – you will have to go back the next day to collect it (or get it mailed to you) and it will cost CHF 20 (this is an extra cost that only applies to the attestation, you will receive your permit in the post for free otherwise).


Contrôle des habitants et bureau des étrangers
Rue du Port-Franc 18
1003 Lausanne
021 315 31 33