The EPDA Committee consists of all the EPDA members who have paid their one time membership fee and who have been accepted into the Committee by its current members. As a member of the committee, you have voting rights and participate in the decision making process in the EPDA.

Our 2020 Committee!
Left to Right: Cécile Hayward Scherer (Secretary), Jonathan Cottet (STI-IMT), Samuel Howell (STI-IMT), Ivan Madan (SB-IPHYS), Sophia Li (SV-GHI/BMI; Treasurer), Sanjin Marion (STI-IBI), Oksana Sergeeva (SV-GHI; Vice-President), Jamshid Asadzadeh (SV-BMI; President), Anne-Céline Kohler (SB-IPHYS), Tatjana Kleele (SB-IPHYS), Augusto Lima (STI-IBI), Galina Glousker (SV-ISREC), Daniel Alpern (SV-IBI), Anna Pogrebna (SB-IPHYS), Keita Tamura (SV-BMI).

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