Pict & Mark: Exploiting the potentials of pictures and markers

The project will focus on a series of interconnected topics that are visual languages, annotations and observation in vocations and vocational education.

Firstly, we will explore the visual languages of vocational professions such as plumbers, gardeners and fashion designers and will try to understand the types of visual representations and annotations used. This study will use qualitative methodologies and participants’ interviews will be audio-recorded, transcribed, codified and analysed with the software Nvivo.

Secondly, we will use the knowledge acquired in the first study and will try to understand more about observation in a vocational profession. More specifically, we will use quantitative methodology like eyetracking to understand if experts’ annotations can convey a professional way to look at images like photos of garments.

Finally, the third and final study will focus on using the findings of the previous research to develop vocational education scenarios. With the specific aim of improving observation, using a range of attention-guiding methods, in apprentices of different vocational professions such as gardeners and fashion designers.

Furthermore, the project will also focus on the collaboration with other team members on the development of the platform Realto in conformity with the main principles of usability and accessibility and the presentation of the platform in schools.