Latest publications

Social/dialogical roles of social robots in supporting children’s learning of language and literacy-A review and analysis of innovative roles

K. J. Rohlfing; N. Altvater-Mackensen; N. Caruana; R. van den Berghe; B. Bruno et al. 

Frontiers In Robotics And Ai. 2022-10-05. Vol. 9, p. 971749. DOI : 10.3389/frobt.2022.971749.

Studying Alignment in a Collaborative Learning Activity via Automatic Methods: The Link Between What We Say and Do

U. Norman; T. Dinkar; B. Bruno; C. Clavel 

Dialogue & Discourse. 2022-08-06. Vol. 13, num. 2, p. 1-48. DOI : 10.5210/dad.2022.201.

Supporting Therapists’ Assessment in Parent-Mediated Training through Autonomous Data Collection

D. C. Tozadore; M. C. Tozadore; M. S. C. A. Gill 

23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Durham, UK, July 27-31, 2022.

GANs for All: Supporting Fun and Intuitive Exploration of GAN Latent Spaces

W. Jiang; R. L. Davis; K. G. Kim; P. Dillenbourg 

2022-07-20. NeurIPS 2021 Competitions and Demonstrations Track, Online , December 6-14, 2022. p. 292-296.

Many are the ways to learn: Identifying multi-modal behavioral profiles of collaborative learning in constructivist activities (vol 16, pg 485, 2021)

J. Nasir; A. Kothiyal; B. Bruno; P. Dillenbourg 

International Journal Of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. 2022-05-12. DOI : 10.1007/s11412-022-09368-8.

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May 2013

chilitags 1.0.0, a new library for robust tracking of fiducial markers for augmented reality applications has been released.

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