Learning documentation survey

Most of the Swiss VET ordinances include a paragraph on the learning documentation apprentices have to produce during their training. However, its role seems to be still limited in real practice. In line with our conceptual model – which aims to foster the connection between the VET learning locations (school, workplace, intercompany courses) and to help apprentices integrating different pieces of knowledge into a consistent set of competencies     – our vision is that the learning documentation can play an important role in supporting the connection between learning contexts. The study intends then to clarify which possible role technology can play in bridging the gap between the relevant locations by developing and establishing a web-based learning documentation as a tool for connectivity between VET learning contexts. Interviews with relevant stakeholders have been conducted so far in the Italian and the German speaking part of Switzerland. Findings show the existence of different conceptions on the meanings and the functions of the learning documentation both within and across professions in Swiss VET. Moreover, most actors agree to see the potential of the platform both to overcome current perceived problems and to facilitate the interaction among the learning locations. Within the next step, we will carry out a questionnaire study with actual user groups on current practices and future scenarios in order to support the user-centered development of an online learning documentation system. Additionally, a Focus Group study within the prototype development will focus on specificfeatures and usability (8.1). Pedagogical scenarios and learning activities within a technology enriched learning documentation system will be examined in different professions by focusing on different research aspects (8.2).

PhD Junior Researcher: Nicole Furlan (short bio here)

Research Focus:    Theory and Practice in dual vocational education

Publications and presentations

  • Furlan, N. & Gurtner, J.-L. (2014). Lernortkooperation als Brückenkonzept zwischen Theorie und Praxis in der beruflichen Grundbildung – hält es den Analysen stand? Paper presented at the Research Conference „Grenzanalysen. Empirische Zugänge in der Erziehungswissenschaft“. July 3-4, 2014. Salzburg. 
  • Furlan, N. & Gurtner, J.-L. (2014). User-centered Design of Online Learning Journals. Leading House on Technologies for Vocational Training. Poster presented at the Conference on VET Research. May 7-8, 2014. Bern.    


PhD Junior Researcher: Valentina Caruso (short bio here)

Research Focus: Educational technologies in dual vocational education

Publications and presentations

  • Caruso, V., Cattaneo, A., & Aprea, C. (2014). User-centered design of learning journals. Leading House on technologies for vocational training. Poster presented at the VET Research Conference, Bern, 7-8 May.
  • Caruso, V., Cattaneo, A., & Aprea, C. (2014). User-centered design of learning journals. Poster presented at the SFIVET National Research Day, Lucerne, 26-27 March.