At CHILI Lab, we research innovative use of computer-based technologies for learning and teaching. To this end, we have developed over the years a solid set of open-source libraries that may be useful to a large audience.

This page lists the one that have been officially released, and are ready for use.

You can browse our other projects on GitHub.

qml plugins

We have written and are actively using a number of small, powerful and reusable software components, in the form of QML plugins for our QtQuick applications; most of them are supported on desktop and Android:

libdots, High-Accuracy 2D Localization with Structured Patterns

Please follow:

Chilitags, Robust Fiducial Markers for Augmented Reality

chilitags is a C++ cross-platform software library for the detection and identification of 2D fiducial markers. Their purpose is to be printed and placed on objects from the real world, to form the basis or Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Using a camera, the position of the tagged objects can be acquired by a computer and used to virtually display information on them.

Chilitags were developed internally for projects like Metroscope or TapaCarp. The following videos show real applications of Chilitags for experiments in tangible learning or paper-based interfaces. Another demonstration video shows how chilitags deal with a worst case scenario in an unevenly lit, large scene.

Language: C++

Platforms: Linux, Windows, MacOSX

Main dependencies: OpenCV

License: LGPL3

[Documentation]  [Get the source code (GIT)]

[ Get the source (zip file)]  [Download pre-rendered tags]

Other open-source projects


CHILI’s Activity Graph (to be deployed as a CakePHP app)

Visit it on GitHub


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[superseeded by chilitags!] 2D/3D geometry helpers: projective transformation, pose estimation…

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Robust Fiducial Markers for Augmented Reality

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Data for the automated test of chilitags

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A Qt app that helps with the extraction of subparts of images

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A Qt app that reads a SVG file and generate a 2D trajcetory suitable for execution on a robot

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TapaCarp Online Web App

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ROS package that contains HOAP3 robot URDF and meshes. Based on EPFL’s RobotToolKit models.

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ROS MoveIt configuration for HOAP3

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A set of scripts to help HOAP3 to write letters for the CoWriter project. Based on the ROS toolset.

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Basic javascript app setup, using CoffeeScript, Grunt, RequireJS and Mocha (Unit testing)

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A SQLite-backed minimalistic knowledge based for robotic application. Mostly KB-API conformant.

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ROS driver for Nao cameras

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A Python API to access a KB-API conformant knowledge base

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Helpers to compile and distribute ROS for Aldebaran’s Nao

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ROS wrapper for the EPFL’s chilitags library

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Tangible apps with Meteor.

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A c++ application tracking Chilitags in a .avi video and logging their position at each frame. Used as a post-analysis tool for an eye-tracking experiment.

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A very simple example of a cpp websocket communicating with a web page.

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