Y1 – Space gardening – Hypothesis for houses
Becoming Leman, Gardens


ROOMS is a an open concept pertaining to the aspect of interiority. If six planes may indeed build up a room, Gottfried Semper’s four ele – ments of architecture – Earthwork, Hearth, Roof, and Enclosure – tell a story of cultural and social embededness, of spatial construction and its making, pertaining both to the immersion into actual architectures, but also into the processes of their making. ROOMS is a way to counter the still prevailing idea of architecture as objects. During this phase, the spatiality of our body and its immediate environment will be explored. Following the assimilation of how planar elements can form specific spatial conditions that relate to existing ones, ROOMS is an act of inhabitation, where one’s body “enters the scene” and opens the question of how space is occupied.


GARDENS situates the immense fragility of life in the thinness of the biosphere. As a collective we will nurture the notion of care in our non-built and built environments. The future may be less about constructing ever more architectures than looking through the looking glass and wondering how to read and make sense of everything and everyone around us. Let us then dream how we transform and build on what we find there, an interior full of trees — Where the Wild Things Are.