UE Argamassa armada – EPFL Fribourg

This Unité d’Enseignement (UE) focuses on the building technology developed by the Brazilian architect Filgueiras Lima, based on a specific type of ferrocement (argamassa armada). Through an in-depth analysis of the proposed building technology, the UE proposes to recover this local and highly valuable technique. The course addresses manifold issues such as respect for local building culture through the lens of technological innovation and social technologies, and ultimately aims at formulating potential responses to an urgent need for durable and efficient construction systems for the informal city (e.g. Salvador de Bahia).

The UE Argamassa Armada will develop prototypes of structural elements in textile reinforced   concrete (TRC) that allow the continuation of the TRC prototype pavilion started at EPFL Fribourg in 2020. 


Patricia Guaita – ENAC IA ALICE
Raffael Baur – external expert ENAC
Enrique Corres Sojo – Doctoral Assistant, ENAC IIC IBETON
David Fernández-Ordonez – fib, Host Prof, ENAC IIC IBETON


Student Assistant – Lara Giorla


Invited Lecture:” Circular & Versatil” Corintin Fivet, Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Structural
Exploration Lab