Seed Money Grant 2020 – ALICE_IBETON_EPFL /FAUFBA project : Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC)

ALICE is proud to announce that the project “The possibility of a new building paradigm thanks to Textile Reinforced Concrete” has obtained the Seed Money Grant 2020, from the University of St.Gallen as Leading House for the Latin American Region (LH). 


ALICE has launched this research project in collaboration with the Laboratory IBETON from the EPFL and the School of Architecture of the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil (FAUFBA). 

The goal of the Seed Money Grants 2020 is to strengthen exchange between researchers from Swiss and Latin American institutions in all disciplines. 

Abstract :

“The possibility of a new building paradigm thanks to Textile Reinforced Concrete”

The main aim of this research project refers to the construction of the demonstration pavilion in Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC). The basic skeleton of this pavilion in TRC has already been conceived and successfully built by the authors of this proposal in the Smart Living Lab. The requested funding would ensure the continuation and further development of the started research project: the structure will be enlarged and different elements, like walls, slabs and additional modules will be designed, built and incorporated. This will allow for a complete demonstration of the potential of TRC to be implemented as a construction material in different contexts. 

Three PI Co-Investigators: Miguel Fernández Ruiz, ENAC-IIC- IBETON and Patricia Guaita ENAC- IA – ALICE from EPFL (Switzerland) ; Sergio Kopinski Ekerman from FAUFBA (Brazil)

In close collaboration with :

Raffael Baur, architect and invited professor at JMA_HEIA Fribourg

Dr. David Fernández-Ordóñez, civil engineer and invited lecturer at ENAC-IIC-IBETON

Photo credits : © Ana Carvalho