Progress Review Measures – Year 1
Becoming Leman, Gardens


MEASURING GARDENS — HYPOTHESIS FOR ELEMENTS In MEASURES we relate ourselves to the world and learn that observation is an active act. A world without measure – metric or poetic – remains unconscious. The most important task of an architect is to understand our environment with an engaged attitude towards what is perceived and experienced, then to work on complementing, reducing, extending, completing, erasing, renewing or building in response to what has been comprehended. MEASURES is a moment where the tools for this sensitive task of widening our observation are developed. The acquired skills of drawing, moulding and modelling allow us to reconstruct a universe that is both grounded in the physical existence of the world we live in and in the mind we dwell in.


GARDENS situates the immense fragility of life in the thinness of the biosphere. As a collective we will nurture the notion of care in our non-built and built environments. The future may be less about constructing ever more architectures than looking through the looking glass and wondering how to read and make sense of everything and everyone around us. Let us then dream how we transform and build on what we find there, an interior full of trees — Where the Wild Things Are.






Photo credits : © ALICE