Review Phase Rooms – Year 1, Becoming Leman, Cabotage

ROOMS is intended as the first phase of the first semester of the Y1. This year and due to the coronavirus, this phase ended digitally, through the use of line drawings. The review took place on zoom on Monday and Tuesday the 30th and 31st of June 2020. 

Marc Leschelier , Andrea Pellacani, Emmanuelle Agustoni, François Nantermod, Yael Hameiri Sainsaux, Lucía Jalón Oyarzun, Sébastien Grosset, Laura Perez Lupi, Clarisse Labro, Rémy Meylan, Raimund Krenmüller, Edouard Cabay, Laurent Chassot, Camille Vallet, Rubén Valdez 

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