07.06.2017 The Summer Workshop Replay (Redesign) HOUSE 2 organized by ALICE in collaboration with the SDOL (Strategy and development of West Lausanne) under mandate of the Municipalities of Renens and Prilly as well as the CFF. The workshop will take place in EPFL and Malley from July 10th to July 26th.


The workshop will provide a platform for re-thinking and re-designing HOUSE 2, a project originally developed by ALICE  during the first year studio of architecture as public infrastructure for a zone of urban development in Zürich. As a cadavre exquis exercise, we will start from the current state of HOUSE 2 and re-formulate it so that it can be the support for a series of cultural and social events now at Malley. An intense agenda developed in collaboration with La Galicienne, Journée d’Alternatives Urbaines, the City of Lausanne and other partners, will activate this structure during 3 months! Although the emphasis of this workshop is strongly in spatial design and construction, you will also be exposed to the urban reach of this operation of urban regeneration and development.


This workshop is open to all students in architecture of EPFL and other schools and it can be joined as a full extension experience or for shorter periods. Deadline for inscriptions is set to Monday July 3rd. The number of positions is limited. Don’t miss it!


For any further information please contact Jorge Christie.